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Heat Pump Repair & Installation in Boonsboro, MD 

When you want to reduce energy use and utility costs, a heat pump provides economical home comfort year round. Heat pumps are the answer for many Boonsboro homeowners looking for a compact system that provides both heating and cooling. At Your Comfort Services, provide expert heat pump installation, replacement repair and maintenance. Our complete menu of heat pump service means you never have to worry about compromising your home comfort.

Boonsboro Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump repair and installationWe perform heat pump installation with the same care and thoroughness as we do with our air conditioning and furnace installs. We’ll explain your options and the features of various models, to help you select the right heat pump equipment for your home. If you are new to heat pumps, we’re ready to answer all your questions—without relying on technical jargon. We’ll ensure that we install a correctly-sized heat pump has the necessary capacity for your home, so that your living entire space enjoys complete comfort.

As the go-to local HVAC contractor in Boonsboro, we will set you up with a heat pump system that exceeds your expectations for performance and dependability, for the next decade and beyond. All heat pump equipment is warrantied and we guarantee your satisfaction with our meticulous, efficient and organized installation services. Our friendly team takes pride in offering the highest level of customer service for you and your family.

How Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump does not generate heat, it transfers and moves heat energy. This is the key to its energy efficiency. Heat pumps absorbing heat from a cold area and release it to a warm one. Heat is transferred out of your home in summer and into the house in winter.

We install water-source geothermal heat pumps, which work best in our Boonsboro-area climate and soil type, and run more efficiently than air-source heat pumps. Compared with electric heating, well-water heat pumps can save you from 30 to 40% on all your future home heating bills.

Heat Pump Replacements

If you are experienced with heat pumps, and are seeking a new model to upgrade your home comfort, count on Your Comfort Services. We offer expert heat pump replacement. We can update you on the latest heat pump models, and help you choose the best new system for your needs. Then we’ll upgrade your home comfort with a new heat pump system!

Boonsboro Heat Pump Repairs

If you’re having trouble with your heat pump, our highly trained crew is here for you. We can quickly diagnose common, and uncommon, heat pump problems. We’ll clearly explain the needed heat pump repair work, and offer any options. Once we get the go-ahead, we strive to complete your heat pump repairs in a single visit whenever possible.

Watch for these telltale signs that you need heat pump repair:

  • Poor performance: If your home isn’t getting sufficiently cool or warm when it should, call on us to diagnose and repair your heat pump, to maintain your home comfort.
  • Heat pump stuck: If your system stubbornly stays in heating (or cooling) mode, we can troubleshoot the issue and provide an affordable repair.
  • Short cycling: If your unit cycles on/of frequently, let us fix your heat pump promptly.
  • Leaks: If you notice fluid dripping from your heat pump, or leaving a puddle under it, let us set things right.
  • Frozen heat pump: If your outdoor unit ices over, we can quickly locate the root of the problem and provide heat pump repairs.
  • Unusual sounds: If your heat pump is talking to you, we can understand what it’s saying–and fix it.

Heat Pump Maintenance Extends Your System’s Life

Professional heat pump maintenance helps to ensure that your heat pump serves you well, and continues running efficiently. With just a short visit in spring and fall, we can make sure your heat pump stays in good shape. Our preventative heat pump maintenance keeps your equipment clean and lubricated, and allows us to catch wear-and-tear issues, before they become breakdowns or major repairs.

Boonsboro Heat Pump Installation & Repairs

Your Comfort Services has installed and serviced heat pump systems throughout our 23-year history as a local Boonsboro business. We’ll show you why Your Comfort Services is the only number you need in your phone! Contact us at 301-797-4744 for reliable, affordable HVAC services, including heat pump repair and installation, today.