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Air Duct Cleaning & Repair in Hagerstown, MD

Your ductwork has a vital role in your home comfort system. Your air conditioning and heating ducts carry and distribute conditioned air (heated or cooled air, depending upon the season) to all the rooms in your home’s living area. Properly designed and sealed duct systems should keep your home comfortable, with excellent indoor air quality and plenty of fresh airflow throughout.

In fact, a clean, sealed and well designed duct system is so vital that even the best AC and heating systems in the world cannot perform up to their potential without it. As you can imagine, many home comfort problems in your home can be traced to poor duct design or duct damage. We solve your indoor air issues with expert duct cleaning & repair.

What Can Go Wrong with the Duct System?

Here are just some of the reasons why duct inspection, cleaning and repair are vital for your budget, your health, and your home comfort:

Airborne contaminants: Along the way and over time, ducts can accumulate airborne dust, carpet particles, insects, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, other allergens and more. Some of this debris can re-circulate in your home’s air supply, leading to poor indoor air quality and physical symptoms, like headache fatigue and more. This recirculation can also led to more frequent house cleaning, since more airborne dust can settle on furniture, floors, etc. Solutions: duct cleaning and duct sealing.

Airduct leaks and energy waste: In addition, ducts may leak air, as sections become detached from one another or are damaged. This can lead to wasted energy, since the heated or cooled air doesn’t completely reach the home’s living area. This means your HVAC system works even harder, trying to heat up of cool down your home, leading to higher and higher energy bills. Up to a third of your home’s energy costs can be traced to this waste, if you have leaky ducts. Solutions: Duct repair and duct sealing.

Uneven heating/cooling: Duct problems lead to high utility bills and poor airflow in the home, with some rooms never being warmed or cooled as they should be. In some cases, ductwork was not installed correctly or poorly planned, and retrofitting may be needed to restore comfort to every area of the home. Solutions: Duct retrofitting, enlarging, extending or redesign.

Poor airflow: This leads to lingering odors, a “close, stuffy” feeling in the home, stale air and a generally unpleasant atmosphere in the home or some rooms in the home. Solutions: Duct cleaning, sealing and extending the duct system. Vents and grilles (for airflow in and out of the room) can be added to help better distribute air through the house.

Hazardous missing or blocked direct vents: Furnaces, boilers, water heaters and clothes dryers, powered by natural gas or propane, must be vented directly outdoors, not into an attic. This is for safety reasons, so that combustion gasses don’t build up in the home. Solutions: Add/install vent pipes or clean out vents.

Ductwork Repair, Cleaning, Installation & Replacement in Hagerstown

Our duct repair services include:

  • Duct inspection to check the entire system for leaks, debris, proper airflow.
  • Measuring airflow in the rooms of the house.
  • Retrofitting, extending or enlarging ducts for new heating/AC system installation, or to improve airflow.
  • Rerouting excessively long duct runs to help prevent future duct leakage or collapse.
  • Ductwork repair and duct replacement of damaged sections as needed.
  • Duct sealing to prevent energy loss (air leaks) and debris buildup in ducts.
  • Vent piping installation, repair or replacement.
  • Vent installation for gas/propane water heaters, furnace and/or boiler.
  • Adding air vents and.or grilles in (and duct runs to) rooms that lack them.
  • Installing extra duct runs for home additions or remodels.
  • And more.

Hagerstown AC and Heating Duct Cleaning and Repair

At Your Comfort Services, we understand how your duct system works and how it should ideally work. With our experience and training, we can design solutions to help your duct system function better, to improve indoor air quality and comfort in your home, while reducing energy waste and utility bills. We want to help your family breathe easier with clean, well-designed ductwork supporting your HVAC system. Trust your system to no one but the local ductwork experts!

Your Comfort Services offers expert ductwork replacement and duct system repair for HVAC systems in Hagerstown, MD and surrounding areas.