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Furnace Repair & Installation in Hagerstown MD

When your furnace breaks down in the midst of a Hagerstown winter, you need expert help in a hurry. At times like this, you can count on the dedicated team of friendly, well-trained HVAC professionals at Your Comfort Services for expert furnace repairs. We also offer emergency repair services whenever you need us, and we repair furnaces of all makes and models.

Furnace repair and installationTime for a New Hagerstown Furnace Installation?

If fixing up your old furnace just doesn’t make sense, or if you’d like to upgrade to a different type of heating system, our team can help with high quality furnace installation services. Choosing a new furnace, and getting a high quality furnace installation may seem daunting at first, but we are here to help make the entire process simple and stress free.

How will we do it? First of all, we excel at helping local homeowners select the perfect furnace for their needs. We have experience with all types of furnaces and heating systems, and we keep up with the latest models from nearly every major brand out there. With this product knowledge, we can help you compare and make your new furnace choice to fit your home, your family’s unique needs, and your budget.

Quality Furnace Installation in Hagerstown: Why It Matters

At Your Comfort Services, we provide a careful, yet efficient and quick, furnace installation. This step is vital to ensure you get to the most out of your new furnace. Inexperienced or sloppy furnace installation can ruin the performance of your new heating system. Choose an experienced HVAC contractor to be sure you protect your investment, and ensure your home comfort for the next decade and beyond.

Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

Along with your new furnace installation you’ll enjoy:

  • New features: Getting a new heating systems offers you the opportunity to include extra convenience and comfort features, like whole-house humidity control and/or an air cleaning upgrade. If your old system was single speed, you’ll likely enjoy the advantages of a variable speed system this time around. Variable motors can be quieter, save energy, and provide the most precise temperature control.
  • Higher efficiency: Nearly any new heating equipment you buy will provide you with greater energy efficiency and save you money on energy bills. (Some customers notice a decrease of up to 30% in heating costs.) We carry only the finest models from a number of different manufacturers, which ensures you get a quality furnace.
  • Quiet: Older furnaces tend to make lots more noise than newer models. You’ll enjoy welcome quiet with a new furnace. If minimizing sound is a priority in your household, we can recommend the quietest-running furnaces from our experience.
  • New level of comfort: New furnaces (when correctly installed) provide even, consistent heating throughout the home, for more home comfort than you’ve experienced before.
  • Warranty: You’ll get a fresh warranty with your new system and renewed peace of mind. If you schedule annual preventative maintenance, you can rely on your furnace even more–because we’ll continue keeping it in top shape.

Hagerstown Furnace Repair

When to replace your furnace is a personal decision and completely up to you. Our knowledgeable technicians never pressure you, or try to sell you a new system you don’t need. We are always happy to make any furnace repairs necessary, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

In general, we recommend replacement if your furnace is more than 15 years old (meaning it’s not energy efficient and is costly to operate), if it’s unreliable, (needing frequent repairs) or if a major repair is needed (such as a compressor). In these situations, it may be more cost effective to install a new furnace. You’ll always get our honest opinion on any HVAC problem, but we are focused on friendly customer service, not on sales quotas.

Get Experience on Your Side for Flawless Furnace Installation and Repair

At Your Comfort Services, as the name implies, your home comfort is our top priority. We prioritize customer satisfaction and expert furnace repair service. We feel that’s been the secret to our success serving the complete HVAC needs of the Hagerstown, MD, community for the past 23+ years. We provide free estimates for furnace repairs and new heating installation. Ask about our financing options. If your furnace is acting up, call on us for prompt repair. If you’d like to upgrade with a new installation, contact Your Comfort Services online or call 301-797-4744 or 301-432-8100 today!