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AC Installation and Replacement in Sharpsburg, MD

Air conditioning installationWhen your old cooling system begins causing you more trouble than it’s worth, you and your family need a new AC for true home comfort. Here at Your Comfort Services, we can help you choose the best new air conditioning system for your home, with the exact features you’re looking for. Our team is familiar with all the latest models, and can help you compare different types of cooling equipment at different price points.

Today’s systems are all much more energy efficient than the one you likely have in your Sharpsburg home right now, so you’ll start saving money almost immediately through lower energy bills. You’ll also enjoy a higher level of home comfort from any new system we offer. To make new AC installation more affordable, we offer financing options and honest, reasonable price quotes. All systems carry a warranty, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our air conditioning installation services!

Choosing the Right New Cooling System for Your Home

Selecting the right system for your needs comes down to your preferred convenience features, the energy efficiency level (Energy Star and SEER ratings), and whether the AC system offers precise humidity control and air cleaning capability. All cooling systems will help a bit with humidity, but for ideal comfort, some homeowners prefer upgraded AC systems.

Some families opt for added air cleaning features, too, as part of their new AC install. An air cleaner offers fresher airflow throughout the home, and is especially helpful if you have a large family or pets. This feature helps the whole family breathe easier and enjoy superior indoor air quality. Other bells and whistles that vary from AC system to system include noise levels/reduction, efficiency level/ratings and more. We’re here to help you evaluate all your AC replacement options.

Why Sizing is Crucial for Central Air Conditioner Replacement

In addition to helping you compare AC features to choose your new home cooling system, our HVAC professionals will also ensure you get the proper size (cooling capacity) for your home. Oversized AC systems cycle on/off (short cycling), which reduces efficiency, wastes energy, increases your energy bills, and leaves the home more humid than it should be. Undersized cooling systems run too often and/or too long, while never cooling the home properly on truly hot days. This can shorten the life of your new AC system, wasting a significant amount of money.

Let Experts Calculate Your Cooling Load Before New AC Installation

Our cooling load calculations for your home will take into account many factors, including the home’s square footage, number of occupants, level of insulation, layout, our local Sharpsburg climate, and more. The energy efficiency rating (SEER) of your new system also factors into sizing decisions. Our precise calculations will tell us the cooling load of your home in BTUs (British Thermal Units). Cooling systems are sized in tons, and your house will need 1 ton of cooling capacity per 12,000 BTUs. Our experienced team will ensure that your AC system is sized correctly, so that you get the best performance, and longest life, from your new AC installation.

Do You Really Need a New Cooling System?

These warning signs mean it’s time to consider cooling system replacement:

  • AC age: Is your system more than 15 years old? This means you’ll enjoy much greater efficiency and lower energy bills with a new system. In fact, air conditioning systems even 10 years old are much less efficient, compared to the better-engineered models available today.
  • Repair frequency: If your AC needs repair often, it may not be worth the time, inconvenience and cost to keep fixing it. Think about getting a new air conditioner installation.
  • Major repair: If you need a big repair, like a new compressor, consider putting the money toward a new model with expert A/C installation.
  • Poor home cooling: If you’re compromising on comfort, you deserve a new AC to keep your whole home as cool as you like, efficiently. Opt for air conditioner replacement.
  • Annoying issues: Does your existing AC system run loud, rattle, cycle often, or provide uneven or inconsistent cooling? Give yourself a break and invest in a new cooling system installation.

Air Conditioning Replacement in Sharpsburg

Our 23 years in business locally, along with our complete dedication to customer care, set us apart from other HVAC contractors. When you need a new air conditioning system, count on Your Comfort Services in Sharpsburg, MD. Our HVAC pros can help you choose the best AC replacement, and perform expert cooling system installation. Then you can start enjoying the next 15+ years of cool, energy-efficient, home comfort! Contact Your Comfort Services today!