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Heating System Repair in Sharpsburg, MD

Heating repairHeating repairs are by nature urgent, since our cold winter temperatures can be harmful to your family’s health—especially children and seniors. Of course, furnaces in need of repair are usually also wasting energy and increasing your energy bills. When you notice your furnace, boiler or heat pump isn’t working properly, don’t put it off until tomorrow. Let the friendly and knowledgeable team at Your Comfort Services help, by quickly restoring your home comfort with expert heating repair.

Malfunctioning gas furnaces, in particular, need prompt repair to ensure healthy indoor air quality for your and your family. Regular maintenance and quick repairs can also help avoid safety hazards, like fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. If your gas furnace needs attention, you can rely on our skilled HVAC technicians for home heating repairs.

Signs You Need Heating Repair Services

At Your Comfort Services, our certified HVAC technicians are well-trained, with years of experience solving any furnace problem you might encounter. Your safety and home comfort are our highest priorities.

Watch for these signs that you may need heating system repairs:

  • Frequent on/off: This is called short cycling, when your heating system runs for under three minutes, then shuts off–over and over. A variety of issues can cause this, from a faulty thermostat to a cracked heat exchanger. In heat pumps or electric resistance heating, short cycling could be due to overheating. Try changing your filter, and if this doesn’t solve the problem, you may have a faulty blower. Let our experts diagnose your heating problem and make the proper furnace repair.
  • Furnace runs continuously: Try checking your thermostat’s fan switch. If it is set to On, change it to Off or Auto. If that doesn’t take care of it, it’s time to call on our team of HVAC professionals. The first thing we may check upon arrival is your limit switch, which may need adjustment.
  • Weird noises: If your forced-air heating system pops, rumbles, whistles frequently or develops any unusual sound, rely on our skilled HVAC techs to investigate. There may be a screw loose (literally), a loose belt, or a possible problem with the blower motor’s bearings. No matter how “vintage” or how modern your system is, our team is trained to solve any furnace problem for any type of heating system.
  • Poor indoor air quality: If your family has been feeling ill at home, with persistent flu symptoms or headaches lately, you might have a slow CO2 leak. This is often due to a crack in the heat exchanger. Get your heating system checked out by Your Comfort Services, because a vital repair may be needed. To help prevent these health or safety issues with your heating system, schedule annual furnace maintenance. We’ll test and tune up your heating system before you use it each winter.
  • And more: Leave your heating problems to us!

NOTE About Natural Gas Leaks: If you smell natural gas (that rotten egg smell), or your CO2 detector goes off, be sure to leave the house immediately, then call 911. Get the all-clear from the gas company or first responders before re-entering your home. Then, call Your Comfort Services to get your furnace back in working order right away.

What to Expect from Our Heating Repair Service

For the past 23 years, Your Comfort Services has been the go-to HVAC contractor for heating repair throughout the Sharpsburg area. Our team of skilled technicians prioritize customer service. We respect your busy schedule, arriving on time, to learn more about the issues you’ve noticed with your heating system. Using our experience and training, we examine the system and locate the cause of your furnace malfunction.

We’ll explain our findings and the recommended furnace fix, and also discuss any options. With your ok, we’ll go forward with your repair. We work carefully and efficiently, to quickly complete the furnace repair. We fix your furnace right, the first time, and we always clean up after ourselves. We do our best to make sure you enjoy dealing with our company.

Where to Get Quality Heating Repairs in Sharpsburg

At Your Comfort Services, we solve furnace problems! We repair heating systems of all makes and models, reliably and affordably. Once you contact us, your heating problem becomes our problem. You can trust the pros at Your Comfort Services–your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us for heating repairs today!