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Geothermal Installation & Repair in Smithsburg, MD

Energy efficient geothermal energy is gaining in popularity every year, with good reason. A groundwater geothermal installation uses the consistent temperature below the ground or water’s surface to heat and cool your home. Geothermal heat pump systems can save you from 30 to 70% on your monthly utility bill, by providing “green” sustainable, renewable energy. Compared to air-source heat pumps, our water-sourced geothermal installation is easier to maintain, more efficient, and less expensive over the long term.

Well, Pond and Lake Closed Loop Systems for Geothermal Energy

The water-source system is the most affordable geothermal installation method, which is just one reason why we offer it here at Your Comfort Services. When installing your closed loop geothermal water-sourced system, we run a supply pipe underground from your home to the well water energy source, and back. The majority of the water supply line (durable plastic piping) is coiled in circles, about eight ft. under the well water’s surface, which prevents freezing. An environmentally sound anti-freeze solution may also be used, within the closed loop system. As added features, we can install a variable fan and two-speed compressor for your heat pump, for greater comfort, control and energy cost savings.

How Closed Loop Geothermal Installation Works

The beauty of this system is that ground/water temperature is warmer than the air in winter, and cooler than the air in summer. During the winter, the water/anti-freeze solution flowing through the closed-loop, submerged piping absorbs heat, then carries it inside, to the heat pump, to heat the house.

A heat exchanger transfers heat between the antifreeze solution in the closed loop (coming from the water source) to the refrigerant (continuously running through the heat pump). Heat distribution through the rooms of your home could work via under-floor heating, baseboard heating or your duct system.

In summer, the heat pump process is reversed. The heat pump’s refrigerant absorbs heat from your home’s air and discharges it into the liquid in the looped pipes. The heat from inside your home then goes back into the ground and water. Generally, the conditioned air is distributed through the house via your duct system.

Benefits of Geothermal Water-Source Heat Pump Systems

  • Does not require lots of land to bury water lines/loops. (Piping goes underground, directly between home and the well water source. The loops are underwater, not under your lawn.)
  • Best geothermal option for our climate and soil conditions in the Smithsburg area.
  • Energy efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Provides free hot water heating in warm months, as an option/upgrade.
  • Brings significant utility cost savings.
  • Operates with minimal maintenance required.
  • Runs quieter than air-sourced heat pumps.
  • Provides an affordable geothermal installation.
  • Underwater loops have a long life of 30+ years.

Smithsburg Geothermal System Repairs

Although geothermal systems are low-maintenance and very reliable, the need for geothermal repairs can come up. Here are the most common issues we repair:

Geothermal heat pump repairs: The heat pump equipment is typically rated to last about 15 years.) Homeowners occasionally have fan malfunctions in the duct system, compressor problems, or refrigerant leakage. Annual geothermal maintenance can avoid some malfunctions and wear-and-tear issues. For any heat pump problem, our Comfort Services offers expert repairs.

Loop leakage: We can use an environmentally safe dye to locate a leak, among other techniques. Pinpointing a leak this way makes it easy for us to then go directly to and repair any leak, whether under water or underground.

Hard water build-up: Limescale and minerals in the water can accumulate over time, narrowing pipe loops and potentially slowing water flow. Our skilled HVAC technicians can use an acid flush to eliminate buildup, so that liquid flows through your system as it should.

And more: No matter what symptoms your heat pump or geothermal loop system is showing, our friendly and experienced HVAC techs can quickly troubleshoot your system and provide efficient, affordable geothermal repairs.

Get Geothermal Repairs and Installation from the Local Experts

If you’re interested in a new geothermal system or need geothermal repairs, trust the quarter-century of experience Your Comfort Services provides. Our Smithsburg HVAC team specializes in well-water-sourced, closed loop geothermal installation and repair. Contact Your Comfort Services for assistance today!