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Smithsburg MD Heating System Installation

Heating installationIf your winters have been a bit uncomfortable in recent years, or if your old heating system has suddenly bitten the dust, Your Comfort Services is ready to help. We make it simple to upgrade your home comfort with a brand new, expertly installed furnace, boiler or heat pump.

At Your Comfort Services, we have experience with all the latest home heating systems at a variety of price points. We can help you compare features, efficiency levels and more, so you can select the perfect new heating equipment for your Smithsburg home and your budget.

We’ll make sure your new system is compatible with your duct system, and determine the right size (heating capacity) to provide your home with energy efficient winter warmth. Occasionally, some retrofitting of the ducts is necessary to get the most out of your new heating system. As for sizing, we’ll take the time to calculate the heating load of your home prior to performing our meticulous, yet efficient, furnace installation process.

Smithsburg Heating System Replacement

In many cases, replacing your old heating system with a new furnace of the same heating capacity isn’t ideal. The homebuilder, or perhaps a prior owner, may not have taken the right steps to install a properly sized heating system.

That’s why our heating installers verify the heating load–to make sure your new system suits your needs now, and well into the future. Skipping this important sizing step could leave you with years of compromised comfort and higher-than-necessary heating costs. You can count on the experienced team at Your Comfort Services to get your heating installation done right!

Signs It’s Time for Furnace Replacement

Consider new furnace installation when:

  • Your furnace is 15+: Sweet 16 can be over the hill for many old furnaces. Older systems, like the one you may have in your Smithsburg home, were much less energy efficient that today’s models. Technology advancements and high engineering standards make modern systems incredibly energy efficient.
  • Energy bills soaring: Not only are older furnaces relatively inefficient by design, they also lose efficiency as they get older. This can cause your heating bills to rise, especially if preventative maintenance has been neglected over time. Your energy bills should go down quickly with a new heating system installation.
  • Sounds and fury: Is your system making new noises that are extremely annoying and ominous? Squeaking, rattling, banging, blower cycling on and off, etc., can mean that it’s high time for furnace replacement.
  • Cold rooms: Do some rooms in the house never get warm enough? Uneven heating can be addressed with a new heating system installation. We can repair, or design changes to, the duct system to better distribute heat, as well.
  • Off color flame: A blue flame means your system is using fuel properly. If your flame flickers or appears yellow, you may have incomplete combustion, which can create unhealthy, even poisonous, carbon monoxide. You should consider a heating system inspection and possible furnace replacement.
  • Poor indoor air quality: If carbon monoxide is leaking into your home’s air supply, from a faulty old furnace, you may notice frequent headaches and flu-like symptoms among your family members at home. You may have a cracked heat exchanger or other major furnace issues, and a new furnace installation may be in order.
  • Multiple recent heating repairs: If you need frequent repairs, the cost and inconvenience adds up. For one thing, older parts can get expensive as they become scarce. It might be time to cut losses on the old system, and invest in a new one. If you need one major repair, this may also be a great time to put that money toward a new heating system.

Where to Get Quality Furnace Installation in Smithsburg

At Your Comfort Services, our company is completely dedicated to your home comfort, and we’ve been serving the local area for nearly a quarter century. Few other local HVAC contractors can say that. You’ll notice the difference in every aspect of our service. We do our best work for every customer, every day. We make sure our team is factory trained in the latest heating, cooling and energy efficiency technology. When you invest in a new furnace installation, you deserve to get the most out of your new system. We make sure your new furnace, boiler or heat pump is flawlessly installed to serve you for years.

Contact Your Comfort Services to learn more or schedule your new heating system installation in Smithsburg, MD today.